Arrow Envirosense is a division of Arrow Consulting, LLC.

Our mission is to transform the world for the better, by improving understanding of the environment through technologies and sensors that enhance our natural abilities to assess and track environmental conditions.

We are primarily a consulting company, drawing on the expertise of top-level researchers and developers, to assist our clients in achieving their environmental assessment goals by providing professional expertise, and implementing appropriate technologies and methods. We also assist clients in obtaining effective, yet affordable tools to get the job done, correctly, the first time.

Deon van der Merwe, associate professor of veterinary medicine and head of the diagnostic laboratory toxicology section, verifies the camera operation on an unmanned aircraft system belonging to Kansas State University, before take-off outside of Manhattan, Kansas, on August 7, 2013. The device's potential for monitoring agriculture as well as forestry practices is currently being explored. [Photograph by Joel Prince]
[Photograph by Joel Prince]